Our Vision

To be the #1 global professional networking platform for African professionals, African diaspora professionals and non-African professionals whose professional interests are dedicated to advancing healthcare and innovative medicine in Africa.

We aim to bring together interdisciplinary teams of health professionals, scientists, engineers and technologists, and mobilize their collective intelligence to drive the future of health in Africa and around the world.

Our Mission

  • To revolutionize the practice of medicine and scientific research in Africa by deploying our collective brainpower and resources
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration of African professionals across regions, sectors and disciplines
  • To mobilize African expertise towards improving health outcomes on the African continent and catapult African research onto the global scene
  • To eliminate any obstacles to diaspora involvement in addressing the scientific and healthcare objectives in Africa
  • Why we matter

    Three observations:

  • There is a massive global imbalance in the distribution of healthcare workers and scientists. Most African countries lose enormous numbers of these professionals to brain drain, often resulting in more health professionals from that country abroad than there are in their country of origin
  • African health and science professionals on the continent are seeking global collaborations and professional growth opportunities, while African-diaspora professionals are seeking a channel to transfer their skills and make meaningful contributions to the continent
  • African health and science professionals on the continent continue to face major challenges accessing the infrastructural, financial, and human resources to excel. There is a need to connect to world-class teams of professionals and research facilities in Africa and overseas in order to drive research and innovation on many important topics in medicine and science

  • Building knowledge-based economies and sustainable health systems in Africa will not only require significant investments in the retention of African professionals, but also a stronger engagement of the expansive network of African diaspora health and science professionals.

    Nexakili connects the global community of African and African diaspora professionals with the objective of transferring knowledge, raising the value and global recognition of African research, and accelerating the availability of innovative medicine on the African continent.

    Who we are


    Yvonne Mburu, PhD
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Yvonne is a scientist and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in scientific and health research. She began her academic career in Canada as a Biology and Chemistry double major on a partial scholarship at York University, Toronto. She later moved the United States for her doctoral studies in immunology at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, she studied the mechanisms of cancer metastasis and the role of chronic inflammation in tumor progression. At the completion of her doctoral research, she won the inaugural Lloyd J. Old Memorial Award and a CRI-Irvington Fellowship from the Cancer Research Institute (New York) to undertake her post-doctoral studies at the Curie Institute in Paris on the latest cutting-edge developments in cancer treatment, called immunotherapy. Over her scientific career, Yvonne has been passionate about the immune system and its dysfunction in diseases such as cancer.

    Naturally, her dynamic personality and African roots inspired her to seek a deeper engagement with the African continent and find a channel to transfer her skills back to her homeland. This spark fueled the creation of Nexakili - the nexus for African brains. Highly optimistic about the digital revolution and the future that it rends possible, Yvonne is particularly interested in how digital technologies can harness the skills of African professionals worldwide and spur interdisciplinary collaborations. She is keen on mobilizing the human capital of the African diaspora to accelerate the availability of innovative research in Africa, contribute more effectively to achieving the health and science objectives of the continent, and assure sustainable outcomes in science and medicine.

    Yvonne loves languages. She speaks 5 of them fluently (including English, French and Swahili), is an avid reader, enjoys theatre and hiking, and currently lives in Paris. She has a knack for numbers and is a self-confessed nerd. An afro-optimist by nature, she is passionate about building an Africa that resembles her people and promotes her values, her culture and her hopes.


    Igor Miranda, PhD

    Igor is an electronic engineer with experience in teaching, research and development. He is a permanent professor at the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia, Brazil, but is currently in a sabbatical year for postdoctoral research at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in electronic engineering and a PhD in industrial engineering. His research interest is to find low cost solutions for medicine and public safety through the use of digital systems, signal processing and artificial intelligence.

    Son of a civil engineer and a math teacher, Igor developed a taste for numbers since childhood. But it was in high school, more than 20 years ago, that he traced his career when he learned to program computers by himself. During his undergrad years, he founded the Alamoju Technologies, a startup focused on the development of electronic equipments and IT systems. In 2008, Igor started working in an integrated circuit design company, acting as designer and technical leader in high complexity projects, like hearing aid devices and computer processors. From 2013, he began to pursue an academic career with the dream of changing the world through science and technology. Nexakili is part of this dream.

    Born and bred in Salvador da Bahia / Brazil, a region proclaimed as the capital of Yoruba people in Americas and also with a strong presence of the Bantu culture from Angola, Igor is an African of the world, passionate about the history and culture of his people. His best pleasure is to practice his Yoruba language skills whenever he meets a speaker.